Uniting Initiators for Glorious World

A Structured  program for students to implement  UN Global goals using Design Thinking and other  Management tools

                    Uniglow in collaboration with Amora Foundation conducted a day-long workshop on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the support of We Care Club at Thiargagrajar School of Managment, Madurai, this initiative aims to bring fresh and innovative ideas from youth to solve various global issues by defining the problem and designing a workable project using different management techniques. Mr Ramkumar, Director, UNIGLOW and Mr.Veeramani conducted an intensive workshop on the application of Management tools and “design thinking” and how structured thinking will lead to definite outcomes.

UN SDG introductory workshop

                   The workshop emphasis on the diverse phases involved in the social impact project and ensured it would be a realistic & practically applicable to a small target group which will lead to a reasonable change. The facilitators also said, “Proper planning, establishing clear goals and objectives, suitable methods for execution and grass root level implementation will lead to finding an effective solution for the problem which will benefit the society”.Following the workshop participants will come with a 12 weeks action plan. In the course of 12 weeks, participants would select an issue related one of the SDGs, Analyse the root causes, find solutions, implement the solution in a small target group and scale is based success factor. Hence create a Global impact from Local Action

From the Participants:

 Reflecting on the session a participant said: ”  It has also made us connect better to our roots, shared more knowledge about our culture and history which made us more responsible of preserving and protecting it”.  Another participant from West Bengal said, “I have been exposed to the rich culture of the south, got insights on how every remedy and work of the ancestors are of high value, how little daily activities help in a healthy living and also conducted sessions which had a lot of brainstorming in which I have framed my goal and in the process of working on it”.  As said, big things have small beginnings, we feel this grass root level project will have the desired impact altogether.

Participants remarked that this 12-week project will enhance their approach towards corporate social responsibility(CSR).   As management graduates for CSR is to indicate the sense of social responsibility in business. At the end they will be equipped to take up future projects related to global issues, strengthen their leadership skills, boost their emotional intelligence, to make a difference in the lives of others, shower empathy on other living beings, perceive the power of action and help innumerable people working behind us for our well-being. It is a great chance for the participants to know more about their capabilities, strategies to make real changes and how as youth we can contribute for a better world and create a better world, for youth is the hope of the future who can save the future generations.

Partnership with UN 

UNIGLOW has been a partner of the UN for post-2015 Development.  It conducts productive workshops across the country with collaboration with partners. This organisation was a result of an MBA project at the University of Leicester, UK by the founder and now focusing on Indian educational institutions with a plan to scale to 3 more countries in the second quarter of 2018. Unigow also provides consulting to social Enterprises and NGO to link their activities with UN Global Goals and corporates for effective implementation of CSR in line with UN Global Goals.


To contact the organisers, If you would like to have a similar program in your organisation.       7708839777

Past Projects

Quality Circle – Project Impact Project I Environmental Awareness project to combat Climate Change The purpose of this project is to enable individual citizens to contribute in the implementation of the national development plan. Main actions done: (a) Increased awareness through: kids camp, publishing in confluence times Magazine, 99999 Lights out Campaign to arrest global Warming with ExNoRa, (b) Increased initiatives: Enviro-Confluence-Every thing starts from student, Zero Waste Managment-BSS Computer college as a model followed by students, Home garden-In Terrace model made by QC Members in their Homes. (c) Facilities provided: Eco-Friendly Software, BSS-GCD-support to others involved in similar activities-Madurai and saplings in Stock. Impact created: Reached more than 3000 kids, 99999 program reached more than 5000 people, saved money and energy by using CFL lamps, WOW(waste out of wealth) –Generates a revenue of Average Rs 1000/m with which one can buy app 30 saplings and reduction in Carbon footprint.

Project II Educational Awareness to take drop outs back to school This project is aimed at mitigating the dropout rate and to take actions to reduce it. Main actions done: (a) Ed-Awareness Camps: Monthly presentations to school students on ‘why’ education matters. (b)Telecasting Awareness: Employ visual media to telecast awareness videos to students to outline life paths. (c) Act as a liaison between NGO’s that identifies dropouts and the parents of the dropouts – to bridge the chasm. Impact created: the social issues surrounding the dropouts’ life was analyzed, possible impacts of dropouts on society’s growth studied, awareness created for an audience of over 2 lakhs people through Radio Mirchi about the plight of dropouts, contacted relevant stakeholders in the area of work-NGOs, SSA scheme workers and other trust to guide students.

Employability skills among students (in progress) Main actions done: Facebook pages were created to ensure immediate communication with the student’s body, awareness through presentation and relevant feedback forms filed by the participants gave clear idea of the situation. Impact created: Raising awareness on the need for employability skills.

Enhancing Student Mental and physical health (in progress) Main actions done: Launched Facebook page ‘Tasty but Healthy’, encouraged sports enthusiast to start playing and standardized sports activity every week. Impact created: Provided awareness about healthy alternative food and increased physical activities by conducting regular sports event.