Uniting Initiators for Glorious World

How can UNiGloW help?

  •         Project Consultation

UNiGloW is equipped to use tools for problem solving. During a project consultation, we understand of the issue from the perception of the end users (students) and suggest the best system that would work to address the issue. As an impact partner, we have inbuilt activity of QC data collection and research, which is carried out before and after the project enabling clear impact measurement against every activity done.

  •         Training

We educate students to understand management tools and help them analyse the issue using same. The project allows the students  to pick up all the required transferable skill by getting involved in the project and the department also gets well researched facts to take further actions.

  •         Project Sustainability

Once the project is implemented, we help you capture the best methods that could be standardised. These could also be replicated and scaled in similar scenario with minimal further analysis.

  •         Return on Investment:

The project being done in partnership with students’ team would have less expense. Main cost involved would be for training and other administrative expenses. (Based on a recent finding from CQI for every £1 invested in Quality process £8 is saved).

Further benefits:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and saving in Marketing as customers act as ambassadors as their views are implemented.
  • Automated problem solving system in place- Reduces burden the top management in deciding to effective systems.
  • Saves extended research cost as every project would use quality circle tools which had inbuilt quality circle tools such Ishikawa diagram (Cause & Effect), Pareto chart (80:20 principle), Deming Wheel (Plan Do Check Act Wheel)
  • Knowledge Management – Every quality circle reports the tangible and intangible benefits and record the lessons learnt in terms of expected and unexpected outcomes