Uniting Initiators for Glorious World

Early days:

The project was initiated at University of Leicester by an MBA Alumnus of the School of Management in the year 2012. This is now a HEAR accredited activity. In March 2013 UNiGloW became a social enterprise supported by University of Leicester after successful implementation of environmental impact projects and quality circle projects at University of Leicester. Our project started with handful of volunteers interested to bring change which resulted in Uniglow becoming partner with United Nation post 2015 Development Agenda.

Current Setup:

Having travelled from the grass roots to reach UN , now we are keen to help others do the same with our experience and passion In a nutshell, this is platform for those who want to contribute to the world in general and UN Millennium Development goals in particular.

Join us, if you share our vision or wish to contribute towards achieving our goals and together we can make the world glorious.